Chris Arnold

Elizabeth was huge help in pulling off my husbands 60th surprise party! Her attention to detail and professionalism exceeded my expectations. She works from a self-imposed time-line that guaranteed a successful outcome. She stayed within my budget parameters and had so many creative fun ideas that I wouldn't have thought possible. She customized our event and really captured my husbands personality. All boxes were checked and T's crossed and then some. I would enthusiastically recommend Elizabeth!

- Chris Arnold
Alisha Taibo Coombe

This is the wedding planner for you! Seriously, don't even look anywhere else. I can't imagine anyone could have done a better job and been more professional than Elizabeth. I've heard of bridezillas and stressed out brides. I wasn't one of them, and it's all because of Elizabeth. I never had a reason to be stressed out because she was always three steps ahead, so I knew everything was covered, what expenses were coming, and what to expect well before I had a chance to worry about it. She responds to calls and emails immediately. She is incredibly organized. She kept me in the loop every step of the planning process. Her company is accurately named because she was the true creative force behind my wedding. I told her ideas I had and she was able to visualize it and expand on it, making our wedding extraordinarily beautiful. Lastly, there is not a nicer person than Elizabeth. I came away from my wedding with a new friend I plan on keeping in touch with, and I will most definitely hire her again for all of my future parties. I've had more than one wedding guest tell me ours was the best wedding they'd been to- it's all you Liz :-) Thank you so much for making my wedding truly memorable.

- Alisha Taibo Coombe
Kayla Tibbals McGannon

Total Imagination Events hit it out of the park for our wedding. I had met the owner, Elizabeth, when she planned my sister-in-law's wedding and was in awe of her professionalism and dedication to planning a top-tier event. For our wedding she was incredibly detailed, organized, and made our wedding elegant and special in every way. She as worth the platinum package price as she was available to me whenever I needed. Even our venue commented on her professionalism and preparedness for the day. I wasn't stressed on the day of because I knew TIE had everything planned perfectly. I highly recommend TIE for any event where you need an experienced, connected, professional planner. 

- Kayla Tibbals McGannon
Aimee Ball

I truthfully can not explain how incredibly fortunate I was to find Liz as our wedding planner. Liz is extremely organized, knowledgable, and personable. My husband and I had a year and a half long engagement, and Liz stuck with us and kept us on track the entire way. She helped answer my questions whenever I had them, helped me find vendors that all ended up being amazing, made a timeline leading up to the wedding day, and a detailed timeline for the wedding day, coordinated all details with my vendors, and most importantly, pulled off a flawless wedding day making my dreams come true. Liz helped me keep my sanity throughout the wedding planning process and made the entire experience so enjoyable. I highly recommend Liz and her team for any brides in Colorado!

- Aimee Ball
Ashleigh Seppa

How do I begin to describe how absolutely, insanely, amazing Elizabeth with Total Imagination Events is??? My now husband and I got engaged last year and immediately knew that Liz and Total Imagination Events was the only wedding planning service out there to plan our wedding. We had seen Liz’s work over the past few years and always admired her creativity, attention to detail and tenacity to make an event come to life and that was what we needed for our wedding. As a bride and groom with busy work and travel schedules we knew that we needed a full service wedding planner that would hold our hand from start to finish, direct us to the best vendors in the business, take consideration of our budget, and help us enjoy what can be a very stressful time in life. This was just the tip of the iceberg of the service that Liz provided us. She was an extension of us through this process and knew exactly what was important to us and what wasn’t and made sure to ask us the questions that would ensure that we were getting exactly what we expected. She advised us where we should spend, where we should save, and what unique details we should consider to take our wedding to the next level. I was in awe of the creative ideas she brought to me and found myself saying “yes” more than I expected because I was so excited to see how she would bring the elements to life. And that is what she did. She took a loose idea of what we wanted our wedding day to look like and crafted an event for the ages. Truly the wedding of the century! It was glamorous, detailed, thoughtful, and inspiring. Our guests commented all weekend about the attention to detail, creative touches, and absolute elegance of our wedding and that is all due to Liz. She took our dream and made it a wedding reality.  I would be remiss not to mention how organized and on top of things she was as well. I am a type “A” personality that likes my lists. I have to say, she is more organized than I am. She was constantly sending me reminders, updates, and notes that made me feel at ease that she was all over it. I never worried about things being done, because she had already done it. That is worth so much to a bride in those last few weeks when you feel like you have so much to get done. She handled the wedding day with ease. She balanced the venue, the vendors, the family members and Mother Nature all with a smile on her face and there was never a question who was running the show. But the best part? Everyone loves her and wants to do their best under her watch because she treats every venue and vendor with respect and kindness. Liz is a dear friend and someone that I have the utmost respect for, her talent for event planning runs through her veins and you can feel the love and pride she has for her work. We were so lucky to have had Total Imagination Events plan our wedding. It would not have been the incredible event it was without her. Do yourself a favor and hire Liz for your wedding, corporate event, etc. She will over deliver your expectations and bring your dreams to life!

- Ashleigh Seppa
Jamie Chovan

"I was extremely resistant to the thought of hiring a wedding planner. I was convinced it was just an added (and unnecessary) expense for people who "couldn't get it together". After a few months of not getting it together myself, I decided to cave and hire someone. I set up a few phone calls and interviewed coordinators. Because of my feelings about not really needing a coordinator, I went into these calls with a healthy dose of skepticism, and I was pretty stand-offish. Maybe she could tell I was hesitant, so she suggested we meet in person to discuss. During our meeting, I was put completely at ease. Liz was down to earth, fun, and intuitive. I purchased the top tier package. I had already rented a venue at Beaver Creek, and locked myself into a few things that I wasn't happy about. Liz could tell something was bothering me, and she sat with me until she unraveled what it was. I'm a private person, and I was nervous and unhappy that we were having a big public ceremony, but I didn't know how to get around it since we had invited all of our friends and family. She suggested having a secret ceremony earlier in the day, in a private location surrounded by just the snow, pine trees, and us, then have our planned ceremony with the family at the venue later that evening. It was such a simple fix, but genius! I got the ceremony I wanted, and we still made our families happy. The relief I felt nearly put me in tears. Once we got that out of the way, everything else fell into place. Liz handled absolutely everything, and I mean everything. She dealt with the venue, the décor, the vendors; set my appointments for tastings, fittings, designed the stationary, everything. I gave her my ideas, and she basically brought me designs to either approve or not. We had a weekend wedding where family came from out of state to Beaver Creek (in the middle of winter!), and the logistics were a nightmare. She handled getting directions to everyone, transportation to the resort and while at the resort, fun activities for the family for the weekend, designing and delivering gift bags, creating and delivering itineraries, and brunch the day after. She kept us on schedule the day of the wedding, and brought us lattes and lunch while we were getting ready, and made sure my husband and his best man were ready and on time. I was slow getting my makeup done (eyelash mishap), which put me behind getting dressed. I laughed out loud at one point when I looked down to see her hair sticking out from under my dress while she wrestled with my spanx and my mom buttoned me up. My wedding weekend was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had, and not just because I got to marry the man of my dreams. I am glad I hired a coordinator, and sooo glad it was Liz. I cannot recommend her enough. I am unorganized, slow to respond, and not easy to work with. She managed to make everything come together perfectly despite me, and we all had fun and stayed within budget doing it. I unexpectedly gained a friend in the process, but I would recommend her even if that wasn't the case. Her ability to understand, create, and execute someone else's vision is superb, and a skill I don't believe many have. She truly listened (and listened and listened, lol) until she figured out exactly what I wanted, then made it happen, so that I had the wedding of my dreams. I mean, who is lucky enough to get married twice in one day? If you're thinking of hiring a planner (and you should!), go with Total Imagination. You will absolutely be thrilled with the results."

- Jamie Chovan
Brett Gartner

What differentiates Liz is her absolute commitment to personalize every element.

"Last month I organized a couple events and needed some help coordinating. I contacted Liz at Total Imagination Events and she was immediately on it! Liz is incredibly focused on every detail. For my 1st event, a birthday party, she handled invitations, venue reservations, pre-party champagne, glassware, transportation, and even tickets for a late night performance. What differentiates Liz is her absolute commitment to personalize every element. She researched extensively to find out favorite drinks, food, & all options to make an event memorable. She included amazing touches like a personalized oak cask signed by all guests and a collage of old pictures sourced through friends and family. Every aspect of her work is done with ultimate professionalism. She is responsive, thorough, timely, courteous and respectful."

"After the birthday I wanted to organize an end-of-year appreciation luncheon for staff in my corporate office. Again, I contacted Liz to see if she was willing to stretch what I thought was outside of her normal scope. Liz was more than willing to make it happen. Another major asset is Liz’s exceptional knowledge of quality food and service. Liz located an amazing caterer in Bakersfield CA. She handled all arrangements and delivered a perfectly tailored luncheon complete with locally crafted desserts and chocolates."

"I highly recommend Liz, and her business Total Imagination Events, for assistance in events or activities where trusted, specialized is required."

- Brett Gartner
Dustin Moser

We described our vision and she shaped a wedding for us, exactly as we wanted it

"Elizabeth was awesome and I would be comfortable saying she can handle any type of event. The first word that comes to mind is she is unshakeable. There was a time when we thought we had too much on our plate prior and a time when the wedding became stressful, but she supported us and was ready for all that it would entail. Next is that she is absurdly capable. She can do, (and does), it all - we described our vision and she shaped a wedding for us, exactly as we wanted it. Elizabeth was warm and a great pleasure to work with. My wife and I were not always excited to be doing wedding things, but we were always excited to interact and converse with Liz. She made us laugh and smile and really helped us moving towards the wedding day (and especially on the day, we loved her the most!). She was professional and trustworthy. Elizabeth will do everything she says she will. And it will be better than you could imagine! Finally, Elizabeth was unflappably supportive and super-fast and perfect at arranging any changes. We loved Elizabeth entirely. She understood us, delivered for us, forgave us, supported us, and made the whole thing fun, and BEAUTIFUL. I am entirely confident, she will deliver a beautiful wedding for every sort of couple. HIRE HER!"

- Dustin Moser
Lauren McClain

We'd Hire Her Over And Over Again

"I can't sing Elizabeth's praises enough! She was phenomenal to work with. She took the time to get to know us both and planned a wedding that suited both our personalities perfectly. We hired her to consult with us on the design of our wedding, in addition to hiring her to be our "month-of" coordinator. She worked with our florist and reception venue to pull together the exact vision we had for our big day. The weeks leading up to the wedding she managed all of the last minute details, I didn't have to worry about a thing. We trusted her 100% and she delivered. We'd hire her over and over again, she was simply amazing."

- Lauren McClain
Adam, Executive Chef, Aspen

She found very meaningful, thoughtful gifts I would have never picked out.

“Elizabeth shopped for a baby gift for my wife when we had our first baby. She found very meaningful, thoughtful gifts I would have never picked out. She had them all beautifully wrapped and presented. It was so easy and my wife was really impressed. She even had a card picked out. I will certainly be using Elizabeth again!”

- Adam, Executive Chef, Aspen