Brett Gardner Testimonial


Last month I organized a couple events and needed some help coordinating. I contacted Liz at Total Imagination Events and she was immediately on it! Liz is incredibly focused on every detail. For my 1st event, a birthday party, she handled

invitations, venue reservations, pre-party champagne, glassware, transportation, and even tickets for a late night performance. What differentiates Liz is her absolute commitment to personalize every element. She researched extensively to find out favorite drinks, food, & all options to make an event memorable. She included amazing touches like a personalized oak cask signed by all guests and a collage of old pictures sourced through friends and family. Every aspect of her work is done with ultimate professionalism. She is responsive, thorough, timely, courteous and respectful. After the birthday I wanted to organize an end-of-year appreciation luncheon for staff in my corporate office. Again, I contacted Liz to see if she was willing to stretch what I thought was outside of her normal scope. Liz was more than willing to make it happen. Another major asset is Liz’s exceptional knowledge of quality food and service.

Liz located an amazing caterer in Bakersfield CA. She handled all arrangements and delivered a perfectly tailored luncheon complete with locally crafted desserts and chocolates. I highly recommend Liz, and her business Total Imagination Events, for assistance in events or activities where trusted, specialized is required.

Sofia Boyer