Alisha & Dan

This is the wedding planner for you! Seriously, don't even look anywhere else. I can't imagine anyone could have done a better job and been more professional than Elizabeth. I've heard of bridezillas and stressed out brides. I wasn't one of them, and it's all because of Elizabeth. I never had a reason to be stressed out because she was always three steps ahead, so I knew everything was covered, what expenses were coming, and what to expect well before I had a chance to worry about it. She responds to calls and emails immediately. She is incredibly organized. She kept me in the loop every step of the planning process. Her company is accurately named because she was the true creative force behind my wedding. I told her ideas I had and she was able to visualize it and expand on it, making our wedding extraordinarily beautiful. Lastly, there is not a nicer person than Elizabeth. I came away from my wedding with a new friend I plan on keeping in touch with, and I will most definitely hire her again for all of my future parties. I've had more than one wedding guest tell me ours was the best wedding they'd been to- it's all you Liz :-) Thank you so much for making my wedding truly memorable.

Sofia Boyer