Jamie & Jeff Testimonial

I was extremely resistant to the thought of hiring a wedding planner. I was convinced it was just an added (and unnecessary) expense for people who "couldn't get it together". After a few months of not getting it together myself, I decided to cave and hire someone. Because of my feelings about not really needing a coordinator, I went into these calls with a healthy dose of skepticism, and I was pretty stand-offish. Maybe she could tell I was hesitant, so she suggested we meet in person to discuss. Liz was down to earth, fun, and intuitive. I purchased the top tier package. I had already rented a venue and locked myself into a few things that I wasn't happy about. Liz could tell something was bothering me, and she sat with me until she unraveled what it was. I'm a private person, and I was nervous and unhappy that we were having a big public ceremony, but I didn't know how to get around it since we had invited all of our friends and family. She suggested having a secret ceremony earlier in the day, in a private location surrounded by just the snow, pine trees, and us, then have our planned ceremony with the family at the venue later that evening. It was such a simple fix, but genius! Liz handled absolutely everything, and I mean everything. She dealt with the venue, the décor, the vendors; set my appointments for tastings, fittings, designed the stationary, everything. I gave her my ideas, and she basically brought me designs to either approve or not. We had a weekend wedding where family came from out of state to Beaver Creek (in the middle of winter!), and the logistics were a nightmare. She handled getting directions to everyone, transportation to the resort and while at the resort, fun activities for the family for the weekend, designing and delivering gift bags, creating and delivering itineraries, and brunch the day after. She kept us on schedule the day of the wedding, and brought us lattes and lunch while we were getting ready, and made sure my husband and his best man were ready and on time. I was slow getting my makeup done (eyelash mishap), which put me behind getting dressed. I laughed out loud at one point when I looked down to see her hair sticking out from under my dress while she wrestled with my spanx and my mom buttoned me up. My wedding weekend was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had, and not just because I got to marry the man of my dreams. I am glad I hired a coordinator, and sooo glad it was Liz. I cannot recommend her enough. I am unorganized, slow to respond, and not easy to work with. She managed to make everything come together perfectly despite me, and we all had fun and stayed within budget doing it. I unexpectedly gained a friend in the process, but I would recommend her even if that wasn't the case. Her ability to understand, create, and execute someone else's vision is superb, and a skill I don't believe many have. She truly listened (and listened and listened, lol) until she figured out exactly what I wanted, then made it happen, so that I had the wedding of my dreams. I mean, who is lucky enough to get married twice in one day? If you're thinking of hiring a planner (and you should!), go with Total Imagination. You will absolutely be thrilled with the results.

Sofia Boyer