Swipe Right For Love - Kayla + Geoff's Engagement


We are spending some time today adoring this incredible story and engagement photo shoot of our ridiculously adorable couple, Geoff Tibbals and Kayla McGannon.  Thanks for the images David Lynn Photography!

Yes, it's possible, true love can be found on Tinder! For those of you who may not know what Tinder is, let us briefly explain... Tinder is a free dating app which allows users to "Swipe Right" if they are interested in an individual's dating profile or "Swipe Left" if they're not. In this case, it was a "Swipe Right" for both of us. Kayla was curious to know more about this guy in the Westie t-shirt and Geoff was intrigued by Kayla's love for CU sports.

After two dates, Kayla left Denver for her 30th birthday trip. Although she was gone for nearly two weeks, the spark was clearly there, as they texted non-stop while they were apart (Laurel, Nikki, Adam, Greg and Dan can all attest.) The night of Kayla's return, Geoff met her with flowers and a home-cooked dinner. Winston even approved of Geoff, a rarity for the feisty pup. That night, as Geoff left, he and Kayla shared their first kiss. After Kayla locked the door she excitedly ran to her phone and texted her best friend Laurel, "This is it!"

On August 28th, after a fun night with friends, in true Kayla style, she leaned over Geoff's shoulder in the kitchen as he made fresh cocktails, and said, "So, you love me right?" Geoff replied "Of course I love you." And so, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gave us a fairytale.

Over the next nine months, Kayla and Geoff attended more sporting events than one would think possible, including a Denver Broncos playoff game that set them up for a stunning Super Bowl 50 victory, went to the theater, attended family weddings, spent hours learning how to cook new dishes and perfect their gyoza technique, spent a balmy Christmas in Wishek, ND, and survived the 2016 legislative session.

In early May, Kayla and Geoff found their forever home in Centennial, Colorado. Kayla knew, when she walked into the backyard, that her future was there with Geoff from that moment on. On May 15, 2016, the one year anniversary of their first date, Geoff asked Kayla Anne McGannon to marry him. She said, "Yes!"

Sofia Boyer