Dustin Moser
"Elizabeth was awesome and I would be comfortable saying she can handle any type of event. The first word that comes to mind is she is unshakeable. There was a time when we thought we had too much on our plate prior and a time when the wedding became stressful, but she supported us and was ready for all that it would entail. Next is that she is absurdly capable. She can do, (and does), it all - we described our vision and she shaped a wedding for us, exactly as we wanted it. Elizabeth was warm and a great pleasure to work with. My wife and I were not always excited to be doing wedding things, but we were always excited to interact and converse with Liz. She made us laugh and smile and really helped us moving towards the wedding day (and especially on the day, we loved her the most!). She was professional and trustworthy. Elizabeth will do everything she says she will. And it will be better than you could imagine! Finally, Elizabeth was unflappably supportive and super-fast and perfect at arranging any changes. We loved Elizabeth entirely. She understood us, delivered for us, forgave us, supported us, and made the whole thing fun, and BEAUTIFUL. I am entirely confident, she will deliver a beautiful wedding for every sort of couple. HIRE HER!"